Thank A Dear Medley

I’m very excited for you to hear the latest Errorplane track, it’s another cover but this time I’m covering not one, not two but three classic songs so you really get your moneys worth with this one!

It began as an homage to the Dido classic ‘Thank you’, which shot to fame when Eminem sampled the first verse in his heartbreaking track ‘Stan’. I remember very clearly hearing the Dido version for the first time while visiting Barny and Myf at the farm. The slow intro build up from a Bongo beat, guitar and piano joining, then the drums kicking in, hits the spot. The familiar verse offers no surprises but then the bass drops and I thought ‘if only the chorus could live up to this perfection’. And amazingly it does, Dido’s detached vocal wraps around an uplifting melody expressing a heartfelt sentiment of thanks. Amazingly, after a slightly odd pipe solo it stays strong into the second verse, offering a completely different melody and finishing off in classic pop style with two rounds of the chorus. Although it’s been with us for over 25 years it still sounds fresh to me and I loved covering it, taking the structure apart and remaking it with the tools I have available.

As is so often the case while putting together a cover I kept hearing echoes of another song, this time the bass line from the Cure’s ‘A Forest’. The single best thing about making a song is that you can do whatever you like, so I ran with it and soon I had two songs mashed together like some obvious cut ‘n shut car repair job. I was still unsure what I had on my hands when the outro to the Beatles ‘Dear Prudence’ kept running through my head. In for a penny, in for a pound and now I’ve got some frankenstinian three way clocking in at over 10 minutes!

A search online revealed I had made a medley. Oh the shame! The last medley I remember were the much ridiculed ‘stars on 45’ singles from my youth. So I apologise in advance if this track offends you, you have every right. I can’t imagine any of the original artists will be pleased to be sharing a track with the others, thankfully I don’t have to seek permission, from them or anyone. And just maybe there are others like me who love it for the slice of joyful abandon that it sounds like to me. Do let me know what it sounds like to you??

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