The One Commandment

(Or 1 simple trick to living your best life)

“Enjoy this moment”

If I can share one thing with the world it would be those three words. If you have read them, I consider any obligation you may feel to me or to this book complete. If it suits you, you can now put this book back down and continue with your life. If you are curious to dig deeper, then I have written lots more words, handily packaged up in this book. But those three words are the essence.


“Enjoy this Moment” is a book by Daniel Webb.

The paperback book.

The lovely physical paperback book is available from Amazon. Buy it here.

(I know, we don’t love Amazon either but their publish on demand service is simple and affordable. Please let me know if there is another way of self-publishing that is better for the planet and we’ll give it a go.)

Free Electronic version

Or there’s an electronic version of the book for you to download and read.

You can read it here NOW. For FREE.

It’s in PDF format which should be suitable for most devices – Smartphones, PCs, Macs and eReaders. Probably fridges, cars and toasters too.

Enjoy. And share. And tell me what you think.

Quotes from readers

“I thought it was great, funny and a good reminder of what life should be about. I’ll probably try to remind myself to ‘enjoy the moment’ more often and maybe adopt some of the techniques.”


“Even if self help books aren’t your thing, there are enough useful ideas and funny anecdotes in this to make it really, yes, enjoyable.”


“For so many people reading becomes such a challenge when mood is low and yet your messages may be so encouraging at a time of need.”


“I want to say, AMAZING!! I love that you are writing into this space. It is real yet written really well. It is not a combination that one often sees. 



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