Now those days are gone (Bucks Fizz Cover) v1

What a blast this was to make! Started at 8pm and all done by 11.

I Love working on my own songs, it’s a bit like being a chef – designing the menu, sourcing the best ingredients, all the careful prep work and the hours spent hunched over the stove. A punk cover like this, on the other hand, is like sticking a pizza in the oven: It may not be as cultured, deep and meaningful, but boy does it hit the spot!

It’s by no means finished, there’s hours and hours more enjoyment I can pour into a track like this. Fixes, mixing, harmonies, lead guitar, SFX… the possibilities are literally endless, which is one of the reasons I love making music so much! Or I could get back to working on the album.

Let me know what you think in the Youtube comments, and thanks for listening 🙂

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